Review: Down the Rabbit Hole- Holly Madison

I was secretly excited for this book. Since Holly’s World, I’ve been hoping that she would tell her story without the bullshit that she was forced to say and do during her Playboy years. Normally, I’m not a fan of celebrity books but she’s good… Continue reading

Review: Montage of Heck (Kurt Cobain)

I met the love of my life. Since I was a little girl, I would “borrow” my brother’s Nirvana cassettes and CDs and rock out in my dino socks. It was the life in the 1990’s. The structure was lovely, more than angst and hate, it was pure love. Unfortunately, he had already passed before I knew what Nirvana was. 20 years later, he still mystifies more than ever.

Continue reading

Review: Revolution as Tragedy John P Farrell

In modern times when our consciousness is dominated by actions and reactions whether it be radical or conservative. Our cultural derelict, writers seek to justify our ambivalence about modern culture. Through four nineteenth century writers, Farrell was meant to showcase how we convince and dramatise revolution but sadly, he falls just a bit short of a minority.  Continue reading


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