Review: The Night Of The Rabbit Demo

So I decided to come back to Steam after a 2 year absence, I found a cute Indie Game called “The night of the Rabbit.”
This game is cute in the sense it’s weird to have a game with a complex plot that seems so simple. I ended up mini streaming part of the first mission
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Goodbye Pill

8 years of solid friendship that had the ups and downs of pains, lies and good times, but sometimes things have to end and people move on. I ended my friendship with the Pill, and it’s the best thing I ever did.
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Review: The Grimm Complete Fairytales (Vintage Edition)

The dreamer awakes, the shadow leaves, this tale I have told you is a lie, but listen to me bright maiden of proud youth, the tale is a lie, what it says is the truth. – Brother’s Grimm

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Snapchat: The new BFF for Social Media Marketers


Check out my post on Social Media Marketing and how Snapchat is setting the next trend. In business, having a visual aid is essential to generating and improving business. I discuss with Latrobe Agency, how it will benefit businesses to jump onto Social Media Platform

Originally posted on The Agency:

Social Media, can be an addiction. It allows people to disable their privacy for likes and double taps, also it’s a smart marketing tool, however is there one social media platform that can make your existing customers more loyal to your brand?


Snapchat was launched in September 2011 and although it does not have the same reach as its more established social media counterparts, this is starting to change. By allowing users to send photos or short video clips to each other that disappear as soon as the user as seen it and with 100 million active daily users aged 18-25, it’s the fastest growing platform in the 2014/2015 financial year.

But how does it help Marketers?

Companies can use this application as an advertisement platform, by using the ‘stories’ feature of Snapchat. This allows videos to stay accessible for longer than normal ‘snaps’  and can give followers a…

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