Writing Vices

According to the dictionary; Vice (adjective) is a weakness of character or behaviour; a bad habit. As writers we have our own vices when it comes to writing and how we function in a word where words are queen and grammar is the jailer. Originally I saw this on Jodie Llewellyn’s blog and it got me thinking about my 4 biggest vices.


1) English Breakfast Tea
I can’t write without a hot cup of tea within reach. It’s weird to explain but it’s like a release of all the clutter inside of me and I feel clean and fresh. It also helps me de clutters the grammar errors and allows the focus to be expanded instead of being


distraction by my Tudor’s Box set. It’s a weird vice but when I was Freelancing for Blaire  Magazine; I always had some sort of hot tea with me. It’s an element now in my professional  writers kit.

 2) Laptop:
 Yes I have a crappy 2012/13 Chromebook Acer but its compact size. Brilliant for when I’m on  open Wi-Fi but I can’t access my work without internet only downside. Battery life is  AMAZING. I can do a full 29 hours before I need to recharge. Laptops are easier to blog on.  Smartphones drive me nuts. Plus Google Chrome has a wicked storage system.

 3) Facebook:
 Weird again but I like not being normal. Facebook is a great source of Information for Blog  Posts and laughs. The Trending section under your notifications box is funny. I see the weirdest things but it’s great story developer. It’s like your little black book of gossip and you’re secret weapon.

4) Ginger Grammar
Ginger Grammar is a site that edits your work. It does grammar checks, structure checks and rewrites alternative sentences. It’s handy especially when I’m stuck on a story structure. Needless to say. Every writer has a flaw; mine is just grammar and structure. This tool is free to use online and is downloadable to anyone who doesn’t have a Chromebook.


I’m not like anyone else. My writing vices make me the writer I am today. Writers n vice from each one to the next. It doesn’t matter what the differences are. It’s the content that matters.


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